Schoon Donker (2019)

Director:Katrien Feyaerts

Somewhere in Belgium, on the Flat Fields of Flanders, there where the horizon forms a thin but clear border between heaven and earth, Karel is taking care of his pigeons as if they were his own children. He, himself, always stays there, but he trains them to travel far and fast, under the one and only condition that they're always coming back. The daily rhythm and its eternal repetition offers as well to him as to his pigeons a highly secure base. Me too, I've been born and raised there. Despite all my beautiful memories and despite the fact that you're not supposed to, one dayI decided to leave. Unlike most of Karel's pigeons, I never came back to live there. Now, while the pigeons are coming and going, I'm coming back to film Karel and to speak with my father. But when the pigeons are going for the furthest travel to Marseille, I'm preparing myself to leave with them. Karel, my father, the village remain there, waiting for our possible, but not certain, return.

Camera Sony F3
Lenses Zeiss ZF.2
Camera rental Jonathan Wannyn
Aspect Ratio 1 : 2 : 35
Duration 60min
Sound Gert Verboven & Kwinten van Laethem
Editor Tom Denoyette & Pascal Hamant
Production Mountain View
Festivals - États généraux du film documentaire