director: Lai Kin Chang, 2016 | shortfilm, 16mm anamorphic

Europese kortfilmcompetitie Internationaal Filmfestival Gent 2016

Internationaal Kortfilm Festival Leuven 2016

Yin and Lee are making dumplings in the kitchen of their restaurant. Yin is kneading dough. Lee is cutting meat and vegetables to make the filling. They are preparing the favorite dumplings of their daughter Tim Tim who has passed away three years ago. While they are cautiously folding the dumplings, they are thinking of the beautiful and painful moments. In all silence ... each with their own memories.

Shot on s16mm Kodak Vision 3 - 250D with Ultra16 lenses and the anamorphic 'Tronchet' system, on the Arri 416 camera. With the use of Arri Master Diopters to get close focus.

Director/writer: Lai Kin Chang / Dop: Jonathan Wannyn / Camera-assistent: Vincent-Aaron Segers / Sound: Jan Deca / Sound design: Senjan Jansen / Editing: Thijs Van Nuffel / Art direction: Kenneth Beckers / Producer: Bart Maes